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Deploy applications and build projects using various python versions without storing executables for every version.

Have you ever needed a specific version of python for a project you are working on?

If you’re like me, you are upgrading and using the latest python versions in your code and project to take advantage of the latest language developments. With Python 3.10 being released today, there’s lots to look forward to in each development release — match and case statements being one of the biggest things in this next 3.10 version.

However, sometimes you run across situations where a specific application or dependency you are using has not been updated to support the latest python release. I…

Background Information

In the midst of one of the most politically divided climates, Jeep was one of the few brands who attempted to wade in during the Super Bowl LV. As the cost of Super Bowl Ads continue to remain at all time highs, there is a lot of risk inherent in addressing political and social issues. The premise to Jeep’s ad, “The Middle”, was that there is a place in the middle for everyone to meet — Red or Blue; Democrat or Republican; America can be reunited again. In Jeep’s own words: “to the ReUnited States of America”.

Response to the Ads

Response to…

I’ve wanted to attempt a Geo-location data-analysis in Tableau for some time now, and I haven’t had the chance to — until now. I thought I’d write about my experience. If you just want to see the viz, check it out here; you can read more about my experience below.

Uber’s website, Uber Movement, is an ongoing project by the much talked about Unicorn company to help city and urban planners better adapt to the growing needs of the ride-hailing industry.

The website offers data in the form of three different products in data sets to analyze: Travel Time, Speed…

Drew Ipson

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